Terms and Conditions


These terms apply to all Allpetmania business products, website, and social media and are above previous agreements. Please read them to be sure you agree with them and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have. Please note that the use of ‘us,’ ‘we,’ and ‘our’ refers to Allpetmania, while ‘Form’ means the ‘ Personal Details’ form you filled at some point. References to the term ‘Service’ define any pet- related service booked via the form, and the terms ‘product’ or ‘offerings’ mean physical / digital products purchased from us.

Using our website implies your acceptance of our terms. If you disagree with any of the terms explained below, please do not use the website. Our website is not for small children or teenagers less than 18 years old. We revise our terms often. When we make changes, they come into effect immediately and apply to website access and use thereafter.


Our terms and conditions, our forms, and our service agreements form the basis of our agreement and contract with you. Filling our forms creates a legally binding contract between us. New forms must be completed for every new service order, either through email or online booking. This agreement will renew in 12 months unless you write to cancel it.


Allpetmania has the right to withdraw and amend our website, services, or material provided on the site at any time, without forewarning, and at our own discretion. If our website (or part of it) is unavailable for any reason, Allpetmania will not be liable. As a customer your responsibility covers making sure that everything is in place for you to have access to our website, and that everyone who accesses our website through your internet connection, are aware of these terms and ready to be compliant with them. Our clients must make sure that all information they submit on our site is complete, up-to-date, and correct. This information is regulated by our Privacy Policy, which you must consent to.


Allpetmania owns all the intellectual property rights for material in this website. As a client / visitor to the site, your rights are limited to content you own. Customers can only view the contents of our website. You cannot publish any of our material elsewhere, commercialize our material, use our site in a damaging / illegal manner, or in a way that impacts user access. Furthermore, you are restricted from engaging in any form of data mining, extracting, or harvesting. Using our website content for marketing purposes is also not allowed. All passwords, or user IDs should be kept personally and confidentially. Failure to do this can lead to legal action taken against you by us. Allpetmania can transfer her rights at any time, to others without notifying you.


Allpetmania owns the Company name, logo, product/ service names, and designs/ slogans as trademarks of the company or its partners. Please do not use it without our written permission. All other names, logos, etc., belong to their owners.


Prices of our products / services can be found on our website at the time of booking/ inquiry. All prices are in American dollars, without VAT addition. We will send invoices for services booked for, but all products purchased must be paid for immediately at the point of purchase.


Please inform us early if there is an issue with our service or product. We also welcome feedback from our customers, although we strive to give you the best customer experience possible. All complaints can be sent in via email or phone.


Allpetmania website is specifically designed for use in the United States of America. Any use outside the U.S. must be compliant with local laws. Disputes between customers and Allpetmania caused by our terms, must be settled legally under the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the United States.


Our customers are liable for any losses or damages, as well as legal fees if they violate the terms and conditions stated here. You must defend and hold Allpetmania and her partners harmless from such losses.


Allpetmania Website may have links to other sites. We do not control these sites if you click on them. Allpetmania is therefore not liable for any damage that may occur as a result of your patronage of such sites.


We provide this website just the way it is and offer no warranties because of the materials on the site. All information on our website should not be taken as professional advice.