Messenger Lite For Android Will Be Discontinued By Meta In September

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Meta (formerly known as Facebook Inc.) has announced that its stripped down version of Messenger called Messenger Lite, is leaving the Android-verse. Introduced in October 2016, Messenger Lite was targeted specifically at low-income android users with less powerful phones, so they could also enjoy the benefits of talking / chatting with friends on the Messenger … Read more

WhatsApp Starts Testing AI-Generated Stickers

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WhatsApp, which Meta now owns, is currently testing a feature that involves AI-generated stickers. Recent reports, from WABetaInfo indicate that a selected group of testers in the Android WhatsApp beta program have come across these introduced stickers, created based on descriptions. There hasn’t been information about the AI model used by WhatsApp for this feature. … Read more

ChatGPT Expands Its ‘Custom Instructions’ Feature To Free Users

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OpenAI has been making its AI chatbot, ChatGPT, better for some time now. They added things like quicker ways to do stuff with keyboard shortcuts, longer logged-in durations, and more to improve its overall user experience. The company made an announcement that they’ll be making the “custom instructions” feature on ChatGPT available to everyone, including … Read more

AI Can Now Steal Your Passwords With Almost 100% Accuracy — Here’s How

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It’s safe to say AI can steal passwords with a method no one would’ve thought of–guessing. Yes, this process which has an AI listen to keystrokes as people type and guess their passwords with above 90% accuracy, was discovered by researchers at Cornell University. The research was conducted using an AI model to learn the … Read more

How Thomson Reuters Is Leveraging AI To Enhance Productivity, Rather Than Replace Jobs

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Thomson Reuters is a famous information and news organization that has its roots going as far back as the 19th century. Established as the Reuters news agency in Great Britain in 1851 by Paul Julius Reuter, it has become a leading newswire service in the world after merging with Thomson Corporation, a Canadian electronics publisher … Read more