Motorola Released Three New Android Phones And They Are Truly Awe Inspiring

Successful smartphone maker Motorola released three new android phones yesterday for the European market. These three phones are quite unique, and impressive, with sleek designs at budget prices. Although rumors had been agog about the brand’s budget Moto G phones and their specifications, Motorola laid credence to those rumors yesterday, according to Android Police.

Available in some countries, the new android phones are the Motorola Edge 40 Neo, Moto G54 5G, and the Moto G84 5G. Motorola has been known to accommodate various financial and technological levels with its products; these three new android phones are a testament to the company’s successful gameplan. This comes on the heels of the launch of the iPhone 15 by Apple.

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Motorola’s Unique New Android Phones

Motorola Edge 40 Neo

This modern new android phone by Motorola comes in a slim design with durable IP68 protection and curved edges; it also has a faster and bigger screen than its predecessor, the Edge 30. Midway between the Edge 40 and the Edge 40 Pro, this new phone gives the user premium service at budget price. Starting at a competitive price of $375, it is equipped with an Ultra Pexel camera sensor which should produce great picture quality because of its 50MP all-pixel focus.

The Edge 40 Neo is also a great phone for nighttime pictures as the camera boasts of exceptionally fast low-light performance. Motorola’s Edge 40 Neo is also its first Edge device available in Europe, Africa (EMEA), and the Middle East that uses the Offset Services of Lenovo’s CO2, which reduces CO2 emissions during the phone’s usage and supports climate action projects globally.

The new android phone comes with 100% plastic-free packaging made from 60% recycled products such as kraft paper, tracing paper, and gray-board, and soy ink. The case is also 100% plant- based and matches whatever colors the phone comes in, which are Soothing sea, Black beauty, and Caneel bay. The Edge 40 Neo is lovely with a vegan finish through Motorola’s partnership with Pantone; this leather finish looks great and helps with phone grip.

Other specifications include a strong battery (5000mAh), extremely fast charging (15 minutes from 0 to 50%), immersive experience for viewing, and 6.55-inch display. Peak brightness values are 1300 nits, with 5G connectivity, dual sim support, and a 7030 processor that is Media-Ten Dimesity powered.

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Moto G54 5G

This new android phone from Motorola sports a 6.5-inch display and stereo speakers. Refreshing at 120Hz with 8GB RAM, users would enjoy exceptional performance with its touch rate of 240Hz, as well as low latency and light weight. The Moto G54 5G also sports a 50MP camera just like the 40 Neo, and it provides for times better low light sensitivity because of its Quad Pixel tech. This enables it to produce vibrant, sharper images and pictures.

The G54 also boasts of a Macro Vision camera that can capture details even other lenses may miss. Photos are automatically enhanced using the tool for Face Beauty. Also powered by MediTek’s 7020 octa-core processor, this new android phone also has a lot of juice for most games and applications due to its strong 5000mAh battery. Complete with a modern matte finish, this phone can be purchased for $225 in some EMEA markets right now.

Moto G84 5G

This new android phone from Motorola has a classy exterior made from vegan leather. Equipped with two rear cameras and a front facing one: the same Ultra Pixel camera of 50MP, a front camera of 16MP that employs fast autofocus, and Macro Vision enabled 8MP wide lens, The G84 has a 6.5-inch display with extremely bright 1300 nits and a refresh rate of 120Hz all on 12GB RAM.

For the starting price of $312 in most EMEA markets, this unique phone is powered by the Snapdragon 5G chip and is expected to offer great functions and speed. Striking phone colors include Pantone (named best color of the year), Marshmallow blue, Viva magenta, and Midnight blue. However, some noted cons include the fact that its charging is slow, absence of 4K recording, and only 1 year update on the android phone.

Motorola’s new android phones are all everyone is talking about these days. The three new phones, The Motorola Edge 40 Neo, Moto G54 5G, and Moto G84 5G will start being shipped out before September ending, 2023. All three phones come with Android 13 software. We are happy with these budget phones as they are a lucrative market, if presented right. Over time, budget phones have evolved into better, more functional gadgets anyone can use, regardless of their finances.

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