AI App Is Catching Up To ChatGPT In The US

With respect to app usage, is catching up to ChatGPT in the United States! The AI application allows users to develop their own AI characters; giving expression to interested design enthusiasts’ attention, and reports from Similarweb states that the app (android and iOS versions) recently recorded a total of four point two million users who are active every month in America. This value is not too far from the popular OpenAI app, ChatGPT’s values of almost 6 million users monthly.

Launched in May 2023, the fast-growing AI application announced a whopping one point seven million installations a week after its launch. Although installs cannot be linked to the number of active users, that was still a laudable number of downloads for a new application with as stiff a competitor as ChatGPT.

Since uninstall rates rise higher than 40% after day 30 and most applications only manage to retain 3 – 4 % of its clients after the first month, it shows that was able to positively keep its early customers and has expanded its reach since inception. These values have also elevated to a direct competitor of OpenAI’s ChatGPT and a player to reckon with in terms of the design of AI characters. This has helped to catch up with ChatGPT in the United States.

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How Character.AI Is Catching Up To ChatGPT

Global reports show that online, ChatGPT is still in the lead when compared to This is probably due to the fact that most users of build and connect with their bots on their phones. ChatGPT also has more active mobile users than with a total of twenty two point five million users active per month, compared to’s five point three million users. Despite this, is catching up to ChatGPT through its increased adoption by younger users, despite both companies launching their mobile apps some months ago.

Almost 60% of’s web users are between 18 and 24 years old; and these figures have been constant even as ChatGPT’s young users dropped from 30% to 24% between April and July. Low engagement among young people was also noted among other providers such as, Anthropic, Bard, and the popular Midjourney. This can be attributed in part to the simple fact that was designed and is still a fun app, used for chatting with fictional and Artificially generated avatars of celebrities.

While and ChatGPT’s websites’ traffic decreased during summer, the former covered ground with usage of its android and iOS apps. In the United States, ChatGPT has started enjoying more traffic due to schools resuming, as website visits increased by 0.3% and 0.4% worldwide and in the States respectively. Delivering a wonderful experience for users, the app’s intuitive design and options for customization make it a top choice for young individuals.

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AI Character Design As Character.Ai Is Catching Up To ChatGPT

AI character design can be used in different fields and industries and is singularly the major reason why is catching up to ChatGPT in the United States. AI characters can be used as smart non-players in games, virtual brand ambassadors, and great tools for learning in the educational sector. Using AI character design, industries can drive sales, students can receive personalized tutoring and have virtual discussions, amongst others.

In conclusion, it definitely is curious whether young people will still utilize as it catches up to ChatGPT, or it will pass away like all fads do. However, surely blazed the trail and carved a comfortable niche with its emphasis on AI character design that’s personalized for the user. We believe it would remain a fan favorite, especially as more improvements are rolled out to further make the experience more enjoyable for us players, and as more industries utilize the potential for AI character design.

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