Our Top 10 Favorite iPhone Keyboard Apps of 2023

iPhone Keyboard Apps, Users have complained about the limiting features of the inbuilt iPhone keyboard, and lack of flexibility or variety. For most iPhones, using external – party keyboards is the best shot. We have therefore compiled our top ten iPhone keyboard applications for download and use, in 2023.

Our selections were chosen based on customer and tester reviews which considered factors such as: feature variety, options for customization, and app price ( free or subscription based). Irrespective of your iPhone type, there’s a keyboard app for you!

iPhone Keyboard Apps

Microsoft SwiftKey AI Keyboard

The SwiftKey AI Keyboard by Microsoft is a fan favorite, and the first on our list. Powered by AI, this keyboard learns your writing style (including your slangs, favorite emojis, and even nicknames). It is also very pretty to look at and use due to its many theme options and features an expandable shortcut menu. However, it doesn’t have extra-large keys and has fewer language options, unlike some of the other keyboards on this list.

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Fleksy is unarguably the most amazing, and interactive iOS GIF keyboard with over 50 colorful paid and free themes (free themes and those as low as $1). Sporting a dedicated row for numbers among other ‘extensions’ such as hot keys, cursor control, and one -handed control, etc., this keyboard is awesome for large fingers as it has well-spaced keys. We love Fleksy for its built-in GIF search engine, its support of several, and its 800+ emoji library. Fleksy also learns your typing habits so it’s easier to get accurate predictions.


The Gboard keyboard makes it easy to type fast due to its Glide function. Users can also create and send their own custom stickers, while using the app as a web search and sharing. We love it because of the glide feature, intelligent predictive texting, and one-tap search. Users also do not have to switch to numbers view when typing, as it offers an iPhone keyboard with numbers on top. However, it has fewer themes to offer, and its voice input and copy-paste functions are a little underwhelming.


The Phraseboard is an ideal keyboard for constant typing, and work-at-home personnel. Instead of typing the same phrases over and over again, you can save them and reply quickly with your pre-written phrases. Phrases can be sorted by category, customized, and the Phraseboard widget is easily accessible, irrespective of whatever you are doing with your iPhone. However, the basic version costs $2, and premium functions and languages have higher subscriptions.

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Color Keyboard

The color keyboard is on this list because of its versatility in keyboard customization. We believe this is the iPhone keyboard for the trendy Gen Z! You get autocorrect options and the ability to move the cursor by tapping and holding the space bar. However the icing on the cake is the almost limitless changes one can make to the keyboard; from background changes to button customizations. However, all this versatility starts at a whopping $3 per week and increases for longer use and more features.


Reboard keyboard has all of Gboard’s features without the annoyingly constant data collection. Features offered include GIF and sticker support, easy and quick typing, video, and image searching, as well as custom themes, etc. Like Gboard, this keyboard also has numbers on the top row as alternative keys. However, it features a convenient swipe-up action to insert numbers, as opposed to Gboard’s pressing and holding.

Touch Pal

Touch Pal has a lot of great reviews from iPhone users. The app features word and sentence gesture support, more than 600 smiley and emoji keys, and the ability to enable or disable keys using voice to text by microphone.

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GIF keyboard

GIF keyboard helps make messages more fun and entertaining. Doubling as a GIF maker, iPhone users can create custom videos directly from the keyboard. Favorite GIFS and stickers can also be turned into shareable bundles as stickers.

Typewise keyboard

Typewise keyboard has unique hexagonal- shaped keys. This shape is claimed to provide better accuracy, and a comfortable typing experience. It also offers dark mode support, autocorrect customization, and swipe gestures.

Grammarly keyboard

Grammarly keyboard offers an awesome grammar inspector, to help you identify and correct typing mistakes. Useful for professional work typing and communication, vocabulary upgrades and punctuation correction help users write seamlessly. It also lets you know when it autocorrects, so users can learn from it.

In conclusion, these apps are our favorites for 2023 iPhone users. Whether you are a creative, coder, or just a regular person who wants more from the in-built iPhone keyboard, one of these recommendations will suit your needs!

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