The Galaxy Z Fold 5 Is About To Get A Serious New Rival

Samsung grabbed the spotlight for 2023 with its super cool Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5. People are loving these phones a lot because they’re really well-made and feel great to use. Everyone’s been saying awesome stuff about them ever since they came out.

But wait, hold on a sec! There’s a twist. There’s this tech show called IFA happening on September 1, and Honor, another company, is planning to launch not one, but two new foldable smartphones there. What that means is that Samsung might not be the hottest new foldable champ for too long this year. Things are about to get very interesting!

This could be a big deal because, while Honor doesn’t sell its smartphones in the U.S., they do in the U.K. and other parts of the world. Every year, there’s this trade show called IFA that happens in Berlin. Last year, they used IFA to introduce the Honor Magic Vs, a big phone with a foldable screen and it did pretty well in its respective markets. After that, they put it out for sale in the U.K. in early 2023. Following that previous move, the gadgets they reveal at this year’s IFA show are most likely going to be sold all over the world.

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Smartphone enthusiasts who have been following mobile phones for some time might remember that Honor used to be part of the Huawei family. But then, they had to go their own way because the U.S. made it hard for Huawei to buy parts, and they couldn’t use anything ‘Google’ or work with American tech companies anymore. Since that time, Honor has launched gadgets, all from smartphones to smartwatches that work with Google Services and have 5G capabilities, and everything between.

The Honor Magic Vs came out as their biggest and most important launch so far. Though the software wasn’t exactly as good as people hoped from this brand, there’s no question that the physical parts of the device are really good. Plus, it doesn’t exactly tear a hole in people’s pockets, of which the same cannot be said about its two main competitors, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 and the Google Pixel Fold. Honor has always been good at making things look nice, and the stylish Magic Vs showed they’re still good at it even after they split from Huawei.

What’s New In The Honor Magic V2?

Honor is making a comeback to IFA this year, bringing along two new foldable smartphones. And the cool part is that one of them is already known. Few months back, Honor spilled the beans about the Honor Magic V2 in China. They tweeted about the IFA event, and guess what? They used the #MagicV2 hashtag, so it’s pretty clear that it’s gonna be in the show.

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Now, it’s a super slim foldable phone – only 4.7mm when you stretch it out and 9.9mm when it’s all folded up. That’s like, way skinnier than other foldable phones out there, even its predecessor, the Honor Magic Vs which is 12.9mm thick when it’s folded up. And it’s not heavy at all, just 231 grams.

And about the features, it’s got all the good stuff a tech-savvy fan would want from a top-notch 2023 phone: a snappy Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, a 50MP main camera, a wide-angle plus a 20MP camera for taking pics from far away, like a telescope. There’s less need to worry about the battery, it’s a hefty 5,000mAh one. And the screens are just the right sizes to consume content on YouTube or Netflix with a big 7.92-inch inside screen and a smaller 6.43-inch one on the outside. It’s like Honor packed in everything anyone would want in this slick phone.

Final Take

If everyone already knows that the Magic V2 is definitely coming, the next question is: what’s the second folding phone from Honor coming to Germany? Well, nobody knows for sure yet, but it’s not hard to imagine it might be a little folding phone to compete with the Galaxy Z Flip 5. If it turns out to be that kind of phone, it would be the first big brand to launch both a big and a small folding phone to challenge Samsung outside of China and that’d be an interesting sight to see.

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