The iPhone 15 Release Date Just Leaked. Here’s When You Can Buy It

Apple fans are always on alert for the next best thing from the brand and they’re now in luck. The iPhone 15, Apple’s biggest smartphone release thus far, will most likely be announced in the next few weeks, and a recent leak may have just given away the exact date, September 13.

9to5Mac says news reaching them was that multiple mobile carriers have asked their employees to make sure they’re present, nobody’s taking a day off on September 13 because of a “major smartphone announcement”.

This doesn’t exactly mean that it’s Apple making moves regarding the iPhone 15, but everyone knows how Apple usually does their iPhone stuff in September. They usually announce iPhones on a Tuesday, but last year they did it on a Wednesday, September 7th. This year, September 13th is also a Wednesday, so maybe that’s when Apple’s gonna do their thing.

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If Apple really does unveil the iPhone 15 series on September 13th, it’s a guess but people might be able to start pre ordering them on Friday, September 15th, and they’ll probably officially come out a week later on September 22nd. For the record, last time, they started taking orders for the iPhone 14 on September 9th and put them in stores on September 16th.

iPhone 15 Expected Prices

They say the new iPhone 15 might start at around the same price as the iPhone 14. So, the regular iPhone 15 might cost about $799, and the bigger Plus version might be $899. But for those iPhone fans eyeing the fancier iPhone 15 Pro, it could start at $1,099, and the iPhone 15 Pro Max might even cost a huge $1,199.

New Features

Starting with the regular iPhone 15, it’s going to have even less border around the screen compared to the iPhone 14, and that notch that people often complain about will be smaller too. The Dynamic Island thing will be a common feature in all iPhone 15 models.

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Under the hood, there’s the A16 Bionic chip which is going to make the phone work faster and use up less energy, which is pretty neat. The camera on the back of the phone will be better too. It’s getting a new 48-megapixel sensor, which should make photos look even better.

The battery in the iPhone 15 will be bigger, so it should last longer. And the charging port will probably be upgraded to USB-C, which is good news because it’s more convenient. The iPhone 15 does sound like it’s going to be a pretty nice upgrade.

The iPhone 15 Plus is basically going to be a bigger iPhone 15, with a bigger screen and a bigger battery, that’s all.

Now, the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max are the ones that everyone’s really liking this year. They’ve got a newer, faster, and more efficient 3nm A17 Bionic chip inside, slightly curved edges, a Titanium frame, better camera stuff, bigger batteries, and that USB-C port that everyone’s been talking about. And the iPhone 15 Pro Max might even have a fancy telephoto camera with a special periscopic lens setup.

Ming Chi Kuo, an Apple analyst, is saying that the upcoming iPhone 15 is gonna have a souped-up Ultra Wideband processor. Apple’s calling it the U1 chip. This new chip is gonna work even better with their cool AR headset, the Vision Pro.

Now, what’s this Ultra Wideband thing? Well, it’s a fancy wireless way of talking to things that are really close by. Like, it’s used to find where things are. Those tiny Apple AirTags can help people figure out where they are. And get this, it can even open a car when the owner gets close to it with their phone.

The new iPhone 15 showing up is really good timing for Apple. Just last week, the company shared that it made $81.8 billion in revenue for the last three months. This was a bit lower, about one percent less, compared to what they made during the same time last year.

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