Threads App Is Rolling Out A Way To See Your Liked Posts

Meta’s text-based app that was created to rival Twitter (which is now called X), Threads recently received an update that allows users to see their liked posts by heading to their profile page, entering settings, and clicking “Your Likes”.

The feature which was in the testing phase on Android Beta last week was made available to all users over the weekend. This feature might help the microblogging platform gain some more ground on Elon Musk’s X.

Meta’s CEO also hinted in a post he made on the platform that the app will be receiving a couple more updates in the not-so-distant future which would greatly improve the web version’s user experience, particularly the search aspect. Before this recent update, the biggest update was the ability to view “threads” from people a user follows.

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What Is Threads?

Threads is a new platform (and it’s free too) by Meta that works almost the same way as Twitter, allowing users to share short snippets of text. It requires an Instagram account to register on the platform. During the launch, Mark said the app’s goal was to create a friendly public space for conversation.

The app grew really fast, receiving more than 10 million signups in a few hours after it was launched and more than 30 million within a day. Currently, it hasn’t been launched in the EU due to their regulations.

How Different Is It From Twitter?

While it’s pretty easy for everyone to notice that Threads and Twitter are pretty identical, there are still some little differences. Well, Threads is completely free and it doesn’t have ads… yet. That and it doesn’t have all of Twitter’s features like its Space (live audio conversations), long video, and direct messaging yet, probably due to the fact that it’s still a fairly new app with upcoming updates.

Also contrary to what X does, Threads doesn’t restrict how many posts users get to see per day. A couple of days prior to Threads’ launch, X limited its free users to consuming 600 posts daily while its subscribing users could view 6,000 posts daily.

How To Sign Up

Although, it’s a completely separate app from Instagram, an Instagram account is needed to sign up for Threads. Also, users can only sign up via the app, as the website only allows users to view posts and not much else. The signup process can be approached in two ways:

  • Scanning the QR code on the website that redirects users to the App Store
  • Heading to the App Store and downloading the app directly

After downloading the app, users will be asked to enter their Instagram login details if they have one or they can create an account, if otherwise, after which they’ll be redirected to Instagram to get it done.

It’s quite an advantage for people who already have an Instagram account as it’ll be a lot easier for them to connect with people they already follow as the integration gives them the chance to automatically move their following and followers from Instagram to Threads. Bonus, a blocked account on Instagram will remain blocked on Threads!

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Deleting A Threads Account

A lot of people don’t know this, but a major bummer is that it’s impossible for a user to delete their Threads accounts without totally deleting their Instagram account, as stated in the app’s Supplemental Privacy Policy.

Deactivating a Threads account, on the other hand, hides the profile and all about it on the platform which somehow makes deleting the account less of a necessity. Another way out is deleting the posts on Threads and changing the privacy setting to private. But none of these completely erases the user’s account from the platform, not a lot of users would be okay with that.

While a lot of people do have high hopes for Threads overshadowing Twitter, it’s too soon to tell if that’ll actually happen. But looking back, Meta released its own version of TikTok in 2020, Facebook Reels, that allowed Facebook users to view and create short-form videos and it blew up since then. Who knows? History might repeat itself.

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