How One Bad Decision Is Ruining All Of Samsung’s New Phones

Samsung’s Unpacked event was held on Wednesday 26 July 2023, in Korea, and it was filled with great stuff as the company unveiled its newest devices like the Galaxy Watch 6 and Watch 6 Classic, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5, and the Galaxy Tab S9 series. The clear focus of the event was, of course, its foldables.

Both its foldables had a major design upgrade that did away with the gap that plagued all their earlier models, replacing it with a better and stronger hinge that improved durability and comfort. Bye-bye to dust getting in through the little space in between and hello to slimmer foldables.

All that happened, which is great but here’s where it looks like Samsung is beginning to fall behind – colors. The company has been slowly taking away the fun color choices it gives with its new smartphones, instead, they’re taking a more “serious” approach which can be seen from the start of the year with the release of the Galaxy S23.

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Where It All Began

The S23 lineup was released back in February, the first series in a long while that used a Snapdragon SoC in its entire lineup, and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset was everything it was meant to be. It could’ve been the perfect Android smartphone if it wasn’t for… the colors it came in.

The S22 had better color options when it was released in 2022: burgundy, green, Phantom White, and Phantom Black, with additional exclusive colors which were graphite, red, and sky blue. Except for the Phantom Black, which was just polished black, all the other colors were as eye-catching as it got as they had a polished metallic look about them.

Of all those amazing colors the S22 blessed its users with, only the Phantom Black made it back to the S23’s list of colors it was released in. There were cream, green, and lavender, but they only looked fun on paper. The green was a more brushed-down version of green and looked like it was made to be used in the military.

The lavender was more or less a faded pink and cream was, well… it was cream. The S23 Ultra borrowed red and Sky Blue from its predecessor, but again, Samsung made them look more “serious”. But they’re still arguably the most attractive colors the S23 Ultra has to offer.

No one really thought much of it until the Z Flip 5 was announced and yup, it’s the same boring color options across the board. This is yet another case of the new model doing worse than its predecessor in the colors department. The Z Flip 4 came in nine vibrant colors: Bora Purple, Graphite, Pink Gold, blue, yellow, white, Navy, Khaki, and red.

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Samsung took the Z Flip 4’s awesomeness up a notch with its Bespoke Studio which gave people the ability to customize the back of the device, even mix colors to match their taste, and there was no extra cost to get it done. All that went away with the Z Flip 4, leaving nothing interesting for the Z Flip 5. The Flip 5 doesn’t have any of the colors its predecessor had. Instead, there’s now graphite, mint, lavender, and cream, with the exclusives of gray, blue, green, and yellow to choose from.

One would believe the blue, green, and yellow colors would pack a bit more punch than the rest of the usual boring squad. Unfortunately, that’s still not the case with the Flip 5. The Galaxy Z Fold 5 also didn’t escape the serious trend as it comes with the usual Phantom Black, cream, and Icy Blue, with the Samsung exclusives being gray and blue.

The Watch 6 Classic almost came out unscathed as it has black and silver options, two ideal colors for a watch. The Watch 6, however, is a different story as it doesn’t have sapphire and the pink gold is now just…gold, plain old generic gold. Other than graphite, that’s pretty much it for the 40mm version. The silver version is now only available for the 44mm smartwatch.

The Galaxy Tab S9 series also took a hit as it only comes in graphite and beige. No, Samsung didn’t make a mistake. It’s an intentional effort to make their products have a more serious look, for some reason. Not too many people are taking well to this decision the company has made as its biggest rival (Apple) is doing pretty great with its products in this department.

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