YouTube Is Conducting Trials With AI-Generated Video Summaries

YouTube, the world’s leading video-sharing platform, led by Google, is always working on improving its user experience. It’s common knowledge that the company is working on providing summaries for videos that are generated by AI. This feature is sure to come in handy for users who like to breeze through a lot of results on Youtube, trying to see if a video is actually what they’re searching for.

Users can now get a feel for what this feature is like on a couple of English videos, but it’s not available to all regions just yet. But this doesn’t mean video descriptions are going extinct just yet, YouTube made it clear that these summaries are just an added advantage.

AI-Generated Video Summaries VS Video Descriptions: What’s The Difference?

The AI developed by Google will automatically generate a summary of whatever the video is before the user clicks on it, so they know exactly what it is that they’re about to watch. This feature is quite similar to video descriptions written by creators, except that the AI-generated content will not include click bait or misleading information, both of which some creators tend to use in their videos. Google announced that the feature will be free from manipulation by content creators and provide viewers with accurate summaries of their videos.

How AI-Generated Video Summaries Will Impact Content Creators

The video summaries could be among the best features YouTube has released in a while. It’s estimated that over 500 hours of videos are uploaded on the platform, every minute. There’s no way a human being would be able to go through all that content in little time, but having this feature could make the process easier and faster.

The accuracy of this feature comes into question as everyone (or almost everyone) knows that generative AI tends to come up with inaccurate results once in a while, sometimes a little more frequently. This could raise concerns as content creators have faced these issues with previous AI-powered video summarizers that already existed, cases where creators complain that they’re incapable of summarizing longer videos.

Also, Youtube never shared a preview of what the feature will look like, so there’s no telling if viewers will be able to tell the difference between the auto-generated summaries and the video descriptions written by creators.

Feature Availability

According to YouTube, the feature is currently being released on a test run with some videos and viewers, with no preference on what regions they would show up in. On the support page where they’re keeping track of all these cool experiments, the YouTube crew mentioned that these automatic video summaries will only be in English for now which means it could be only in some particular regions. The purpose it is intended for is just to give users a taste of what the feature is like.

The company would appreciate users who encounter this feature and share their thoughts on it. They also say that the summaries will be found on both the search and watch pages, it’ll probably come with an indicator or something, fingers crossed.

Other AI-Powered Youtube Video Summarizers

Here’s a list of other AI-powered YouTube video summarizers that have been utilized by content creators for a while:

  • ChatGPT – Summarize Everything!: This tool makes use of ChatGPT to summarize Youtube videos. It’s also capable of summarizing articles and other text and it works in different languages.
  • Glarity: This Chrome extension also uses ChatGPT to summarize YouTube videos. It works automatically as the video displays, and the prompts can be customized for better summaries.


YouTube’s test is one of many new things Google is trying out with AI in its effort to put the new technology to good use. At the Google I/O developer conference in May, the company revealed it was working on using generative AI to create user review summaries on Play Store. That’s not all, it also announced its Duet AI which helps users get more productive while using its workspace. Other companies have also bought into the idea of using AI to generate summaries of online content, one of those being Artifact which released a feature for summarizing news articles.

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