WhatsApp Now Supports Short Video Messages In Chats

Over the years, WhatsApp has continuously grown and expanded its offerings to meet the ever-changing demands of its huge user base. From the introduction of voice and video calling to end-to-end encryption for enhanced security, each update has played an important role in shaping WhatsApp into the feature-rich platform everyone knows today. Now users can send personalized video messages for special occasions like birthday wishes, conveying good news, or anything that requires a “human touch.”

WhatsApp, owned by Meta, has added support for short video messages in chats in its latest update that will delight millions of users worldwide, this exciting new feature allows users to send and receive brief video clips directly within their conversations. Mark Zuckerberg, Meta’s chief, shared the new update in a post on Facebook. The videos can only get as long as 60 seconds and can be accessed like the voice note option. The new feature, like all the others, will be encrypted end-to-end, which means more privacy for the users.

How To Get The Feature

WhatsApp has already started rolling out the feature for Android and iOS. Both Android and iOS users can get this feature by making sure their WhatsApp is updated, those who didn’t have the app before can just download the app.

How To Send Video Messages

A user just needs to tap the icon on the right of the text box and hold it to switch to video, then they can swipe up to lock the video and record it, sounds familiar right? That’s because it’s the same steps used to record a voice note. Video messages, however, are set to play automatically without any sound when the receiver opens it. The sound can be activated by tapping on the video.

The option to send pictures and videos has been available on WhatsApp for a very long time, but the company claims this new feature does away with a couple of steps to reduce the hassle and make it faster. Also, if it works exactly like voice notes, then these video messages don’t automatically save to a user’s gallery. Maybe there’ll be an option to save it manually because it might come in handy.

Benefits Of Short Video Messages

Some people go on adventurous trips, weekend getaways and more, with a lot to share with friends and family. It could be the sunset, a laughable event, or just a pet doing tricks. Now those people don’t have to send out lengthy messages anymore, a short video message can help them easily capture the essence of their experience, right in that moment. Those snippets make their conversations/chats more lively without having to stay up for what could turn to hours on a video call, their loved ones get to share in their experience real-time.

Businesses are always on the lookout for creative ways to engage with their customers. With WhatsApp’s short video messages, companies can now send quick demos of their products, behind-the-scenes glimpses of their work, or even personalized thank-you messages. It’s like having a mini infomercial right there in the DMs! And one shouldn’t forget customer support. Instead of describing an issue with words, users can send a short video showcasing the problem, making troubleshooting more effective and efficient.

Remember those boring textbooks? Well, they’re getting a makeover. Teachers and students can embrace short video messages as a lively educational tool. Complex concepts become simpler when teachers can visually explain them in a quick video. They can send short lessons, science experiments, or even virtual field trips to keep students engaged. It’s like having a mini YouTube channel within the class group chat!

In a nutshell, WhatsApp’s new short video messages will add a whole new layer of creativity and personalization to how WhatsApp users communicate. From sharing everyday moments to improving how businesses interact with customers, these little video snippets will make chats feel more alive and dynamic. As it is now, it isn’t clear when all WhatsApp users will be able to use the feature, but WABetainfo believes that WhatsApp will make the feature available for more beta testers as time goes on, because… that’s how it usually is.

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